Walkie Talkie by Brijean out today!


It's here! Today we release the sublime, funky Walkie Talkie EP by Brijean- we're so thrilled to be a part of their musical journey that's only just begun! You can stream it today at Spotify or contribute to the ongoing campaign at Bandcamp to fund their vinyl!

More about Walkie Talkie:

Equal parts dance production, organic percussion and melodic mantra, WALKIE TALKIE is Brijean Murphy’s collaboration with producer Doug Stuart, who shares a background as a jazz, pop, and session musician (Bells Atlas, Meernaa, Luke Temple, Jay Stone). In marathon sessions at their intimate home-studio, wedged between touring schedules that rarely-overlapped, BRIJEAN formed. Murphy’s layered percussion and hypnotic, expressive vocals coupled with Stuart’s harmonic palette and intuitive production evokes 70s disco, 90s house, and sly pop sensibilities.

Jenny Mason