Heart Hunger new full-Length LP by Meernaa out today!

Heart Hunger_Cover_FINAL_Full Res.jpg

The new full-length by Meernaa arrives today! You can stream it digitally on Spotify, or pre-order the vinyl at our shop (orders expected so ship out late July 2019.)

Bandcamp featured it as their album of the day and said “Heart Hunger feels overwhelmingly organic. With layered compositions that take inspiration from the bluffs and ridges of the band’s Oakland home base, Meernaa create an expansive sound grounded in the spaciousness of West Coast scenery. The band’s reverb-soaked compositions resonate in a way that calls to mind open air, their instrumentation complex but not crowded. Bond’s vocals flow through these works like watercolor paints, seeping into the cracks in the songs’ layered arrangements, making Heart Hunger a fully immersive listen.”

Catch the video for “Better Part” off the album below!

Jenny Mason