The Cedars by John Vanderslice-out today!

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The Cedars, the new album by John Vanderslice is now out today on Native Cat! You can stream it on Spotify, or buy it digitally on iTunes or Bandcamp. You can also order vinyl at Undertow. John will be on tour throughout April with Meernaa!

In John’s own words:

"I own a small piece of land in very rural West Sonoma and from the tippy top of this land, you can see a strange, Mars-like serpentine canyon called The Cedars. Roughly 11x11 square miles in size, it's a land-locked geological anomaly that has over a dozen endemic trees and plants. It's only 6 miles away but it takes up a mythic space in my mind, like the perfect sound, the perfect lyric. It is unreachable. A lot of this record was written on this land, under the heavy influence of this place." -JV 

Track list:

  1. Utah and the Sky Over Utah

2. Will Call

3. I’ll Wait For You

4. 151 Rum 

5. Spectral Dawn 

6. Interlude 1 

7. Oral History of Silk Road 1 

8. Interlude 2 

9. Henry Ford Gymnasium

10. I Got Shit to Lose 

11. -EXT 

12. Enter the Void 

Jenny Mason