New single "Leonine" by red steppes out today!

Leonine large.jpg

The first single from red steppes’ sophomore full-length Arcs (Native Cat Recordings, May 2019) is built around a warm, compelling guitar and a singular melody. "Leonine" - bare and bright-eyed as it is - owns its dynamic and emotional range without apology or overcompensation. Stream it today on Spotify, or find it at our store for download!

 More about “Leonine” from red steppes:

“When I wrote this song my partner and I had just packed up a half-baked home in Portland, OR under the hot smoke ceiling of the Columbia Gorge fire, driven past the footprint of the fires in Jefferson country, and headed back to California for a few months before a move to New York. We were in the North Bay when the big fires hit there, and we hid indoors between walks on Tomales Bay and Drakes Beach, and later, more tentative walks on Lake Merritt and in the hills above Berkeley. Everything and everyone collected into a great mass of soot and worry and worried awe, and it felt surreal and frightening to be there in such an intermediary state, headed for more humid, unfamiliar spaces. We grew up and fell in love in California – a place that feels more and more at risk every year – and I wrote “Leonine” both as a prayer for a home to which we might someday return and a statement of gratitude for a partnership that’s weathered and grown through today’s strange conditions and displacements.”

Jenny Mason