Order EUPHORBIA by Sis on digital and vinyl-out now on Native Cat!


Order the debut album EUPHORBIA by Sis on digital and vinyl! 

Written and recorded at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, Sis’s debut LP Euphorbia wrangles a mishmash of influences into a cohesive and broadly untried endeavor. Also featuring drummer Joe Adamik (Califone, Iron & Wine), percussionist Andrew Maguire (Mirah, Meernaa), bassist Jamie Riotto (John Vanderslice, red steppes), guitarist Carly Bond (Meernaa, DRMS), and producer/multi-instrumentalist engineer Rob Shelton (John Vanderslice, Mohsen Namjoo), Euphorbia plays with slippery synth lines, spirited vocal stylings, and lush instrumentals in a metrical, elegant, and thoughtfully unpredictable effort.

Track listing:


1. Moonsail

2. Gene

3. My Machine

4. Sleepless Mountain

5. My King Plays Bowie

6. Tomcat

7. Kiss with Chapters

8. Jaikeyah

9. After the Rollercoaster

10. Veronica

11. Strange Summer

12. Wild Parrot

13. Crosshairs



Jenny Mason